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Do you already have a Podio system, or do you want to build one to suit your need ?? :

I already have a Podio SystemI want to build one to suit my needs from scratch

Do you have a Podio Account, If yes which one :

FreePodio Premium with GlobiflowI dont have an accountOthers

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Built it myselfPodio Market PlaceA Podio SpecialistOthers

What Assistance do you Need :

I want to fix my current Podio System/App/FlowI want to Create a new Podio CRM System specific to my Need

If you want to Fix your Current System I would need some Information about your existing Podio System:
* I would need access to you current Podio Work-Space and your Globiflow.
* You can either share your Podio & Globiflow Log In & Password Credentials.
* Alternately, you can make me an Admin Member in the Podio Work-Space [where you need rectification] and add me as an Additional User in your Globiflow.

How to Add a Member in Podio & Globiflow :
* In Podio, on the Activity page of the Work-Space there is a small Wrench icon
* Below that there is a "+ INVITE" button.
* On clicking this another window opens "Add Co-worker".
* Please add my Email ID
* The Role: has to be "Workspace Admin"
* In Globiflow, on the Account Detail Page, in Additional Users, please "Add New User"

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If you want to Create a new Podio CRM System specific to your needs, you would need to make a Mind Map or a Business Flow, as to how you want your CRM System to perform. You could document this Mind Map as bullet points, or you can sketch it on paper as a workflow, and scan it into an image or pdf file. You can either copy the Mind Map points in the space below, or you can upload the Mind Map image or pdf file below.

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